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STEMI Recognition Training for Medical Professionals

The STEMI Boot Camp offers a course on STEMI recognition training for medical professionals that are held several times a year in various locations. The novel methodology of instruction offered in this course is vital because an ST-elevation myocardial infarction is a particularly dangerous heart attack that requires immediate care for the best survivability. The aviation based 'checklist mindset' used to approach difficult clinical scenarios, ECG pattern recognition, and debrief strategies you learn in this one day / six-hour course will significantly sharpen your clinical skills. We are open to:

Physician Assistants • Paramedics • Nurses 

Our Training Approach

Our training follows three tenets in treating STEMI patients: approaching every case with a checklist mindset, ECG pattern recognition of acute MI, and case debriefing. This course strongly emphasizes the various ECG patterns of ST-elevation myocardial infarction and other catastrophic conditions manifested by an abnormal ECG.

When managing patients with a suspected heart attack, early ECG identification is key in providing the appropriate treatment; in many cases, expeditious percutaneous intervention.  Our training focuses on the importance of this concept by pattern recognition of ST elevations and its mimics.  We review more than 100 ECGs in a case review format to help our attendees identify STEMIs.

Course Materials

All attendees will leave the class with a hot sheet to provide reminders of the key points focused on during this course. In addition to your hot sheet, we will also provide you with a team debriefing guideline to apply to your practice.

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STEMI Recognition Training for Medical Professionals